Modify or Modernize Your Heirloom Jewelry

Transform your treasures with our jewelry repair, resizing, or restyling

Jewelry designs are more than just sparkly accessories that elevate your outfits. They’re personal statements that express a range of emotions and milestones.

Heirloom pieces have an extra special quality to them. The necklace your grandmother passed down to you on your wedding day or your great aunt’s diamond studs. Your grandfather’s Rolex watch that your father passed on to you on your graduation day. The family gemstone that you reset before proposing to your then-fiancé now-wife. The gold bracelet you inherited from your mother that helps keep her memory alive as you share stories about her with your children.

But sometimes heirlooms need a refresh so you can rejoice in wearing them once again.

Fall in love with them all over again when you resize or update them at The Jewelry Box Estate Buyers in Orange County!

Perhaps you need to fix the broken prongs and polish a ring that’s been in your family for years. Or maybe you want to incorporate some accent stones into your ring for your 20th anniversary.

We’re Orange County’s go-to source for jewelry repair, restoration, and restyling. Here are just a few signs that it’s time to visit us to start your own heirloom jewelry refresh journey. 

Your Forgotten Finery Looks Foggy

If you’ve recently unburied a beloved bauble hiding in your jewelry box, chances are it could use a professional cleaning. Step up its sparkle factor when you head stop by our shop!

You’re Ready for a Ring Resize

Just like with the rest of your body, it’s common for your ring sizing to change over time. Bring your ring to The Jewelry Box Estate Buyers so that it fits comfortably again!

Your Piece is Passé

Not ready to part ways with a design but want to switch it up to match your current style? Let the experts at The Jewelry Box Estate Buyers work with you to restyle your heirloom so that it has a fresh feel. 

You’re Prepping to Pass on a Prized Possession

Ready to rehome a piece of jewelry for the next generation to enjoy? Clean and repair the heirloom you have in mind to gift to your loved one so that it’s ready for the perfect moment when you transfer your trinket to them.   

Ready to Resize, Restore, and Restyle?

Life is too short to not feel excited about your sparkle. Let the pros at The Jewelry Box Estate Buyers work their magic on the dull and dated heirlooms lurking in the back of your jewelry box.

Clean your ring so that it radiates as brightly as it did the day your grandmother wore it at the altar. Resize a forgotten favorite so that you can put it on with pride once again. Bring your grandfather’s watch out of hiding for a tune-up or to fix the broken clasp.

Stop by our shop in Orange County any time during open hours (9:30am to 4pm Tuesday through Saturday). No appointment necessary!

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