Do I need an appointment?

No although we will set one up if you prefer. Our hours are 9:30 AM-4 PM Tuesdays thru Saturdays.

Should I polish my silver before I bring it in?

No need to do that; we will buy sterling silver in any condition.

What do you do with what I sell you? Do you melt everything? This custom-designed diamond ring or this 18K gold Rolex President or this sterling silver flatware has been in my family for generations and I'd hate to know it was going to be melted.

After a combined 96 years in the industry, Christine and Jack have contacts across the country. Much of what we buy is wholesaled to retail stores, online sellers and auction sites who buy the pieces for resale. Of course, worn out and unrepairable gold and silver items (broken chains, single earrings for example) often wind up at the refiner’s. Coins and watches are sold to appropriate dealers. Of the millions of dollars worth of treasures we buy annually, the vast majority of them live on.

I recently lost my mom and I'm responsible for getting values on her pieces so that my siblings and I can share them fairly. So how do I determine those values if we're not ready to sell them yet?

We will happily help you sort through your items and tell you what you have and their value to us. Should you decide not to sell, we charge $125/hour starting after 30 minutes for our evaluation services. If you return and sell them at a later date, we will credit the evaluation charge.

Do you buy crystal, China or collectibles such as Lladro or Hummel?

Sorry, no we do not.

Can I sell you my gold ring(s) but keep the stones?

Sure! Our master jeweler will remove and return your stones to you.

How do I know if my flatware and/or hollowware are sterling silver or silverplate?

Look for the word “STERLING” or the number “925” or “800” on your pieces (you may need a magnifying glass.) If you cannot find one of them, chances are they are not sterling. To be sure before you give them away, bring them by; we’ll be happy to check for you. We do not buy silverplate.

How can I get the maximum value for my large diamond?

After one of our gemologists examines your diamond, we will make you a generous offer based on today’s market. It helps a lot if you bring any relevant paperwork such as original receipts, GIA certificates, etc. to help confirm weights, clarities and colors.

I saw a Rolex watch similar to mine on e-Bay for X dollars; can I expect that amount for mine?

We are eager to make you an offer on your Rolex or other fine brand watch. Bring original boxes, paperwork, receipts, etc. E-Bay can be tricky because you are usually seeing asking prices, not the prices the pieces eventually sell for. We will make you a more-than-generous offer after we determine the authenticity, year and condition of your timepiece. This only takes a few minutes, by the way.

What kind of coins do you buy?

We buy virtually all gold coins and any American silver coins that are worth more than their face value.