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Do you have hidden treasure in your jewelry box? Whether it’s a design you’ve loved for years or part of an estate collection you’ve inherited, your jewelry and watches could be worth more than you think. A formal appraisal will tell you if you’re sitting on an even bigger pile of gold than you thought!

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One of the most important reasons for getting your jewelry appraised is insurance. To make sure that your jewelry is covered for its current value, we highly recommend regular appraisals. We assess each individual item according to industry standards and remain transparent throughout the appraisal process to ensure you’re receiving the average retail replacement value. As the area’s leading buyer of diamonds, gemstones, gold, watches, and fine jewelry designs, The Jewelry Box Estate Buyers is known for accurate appraisals to ensure their clients’ valuables are covered for their full value without overvaluing them, leading to unnecessarily high insurance premiums.

What You Need to Know About Jewelry Appraisals

Whether talking about your wedding ring, a dinner ring, diamond or precious-color pendant, bracelet or earrings, pearls, Rolex watch, etc., you’ve probably considered getting it appraised and insured. Maybe it’s the ring you inherited from your great-grandmother or that special pair of earrings you found at the estate sale down the street. It’s always tempting to imagine that you’re sitting on a secret goldmine and whether that’s true is another matter. But how do you go about getting a piece of jewelry appraised?

Having your jewelry, timepieces, gold, and precious gemstones appraised regularly is essential. The market is ever changing, and thus the prices of diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals such as gold, platinum, and silver are constantly in flux. This means that even if you had your items appraised for insurance purposes a few years ago, they may be worth much more today.

We recommend our Orange County customers have their items appraised every three to five years at minimum to ensure they have an accurate view of their value.

Fine jewelry, loose diamonds, and gemstones often hold sentimental significance along with their monetary value. This makes accurate jewelry & watch appraisal essential— especially in the following circumstance:
Jewelry & watch appraisals are easy at The Jewelry Box Estate Buyers. Dee Dee, and Shelly, our Graduate Gemologists, are the most respected and reputable appraisers in OC and their expertise in evaluating diamonds and gemstones is unmatched. Our appraisal services start at $125 per item.

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