Are You Due for a Jewelry Box Review?

Each day we welcome in Orange County customers who were on their way to donate a jewelry, watch, or silver collection. They’re convinced that it isn’t worth anything, but just want to “make sure” before they give it away. However, after we sort through their jumble of jewelry or stockpile of silverware, they’re usually shocked to find out how much cash has been hiding in their collection. And that’s how our Jewelry Box Review service was born.

What is Our Jewelry Box Review?

In our Jewelry Box Review service, we marry our jewelry and watch appraisal with estate buying to give you a seamless experience. It’s specifically geared toward those who have amassed a large assortment of jewelry, watches, hollowware and/or flatware, and know they no longer want these items but aren’t sure what to do with them or what they’re even worth. As the name suggests, we review the contents of their collection, appraise their pieces, and make a generous offer on the spot for items that fit our requirements. Orange County has trusted us to offer top dollar on their jewelry, gold, watches, diamonds, flatware, and more for over two decades, and we’re certainly not stopping now!

How Does the Jewelry Box Review Work?

Our Jewelry Box Review is simple:

  1. You’ll bring in your collection, no appointment necessary.
  2. Our gemologists and experts will evaluate each design to determine its worth. That means you’ll find out if that Rolex you inherited from Uncle Roger is the real deal, if the ring you picked up at a yard sale on a whim features a genuine diamond or cubic zirconia, and if your flatware is sterling silver or just silver plate.
  3. Once we’ve evaluated every item, we’ll make a generous offer on those that meet our buying needs and carefully sort out those whose value is more sentimental than monetary.
  4. From there, you’re in the driver’s seat. Choose to sell to us and walk out with a check or leave with the knowledge that your collection may be worth keeping.

How Much Does It Cost?

The first fifteen minutes of your jewelry or watch appraisal with our Jewelry Box Review service is free, then each hour following is $195. However, if you choose to sell your items to The Jewelry Box Estate Buyers, this fee is waived entirely.

Why Visit Us for a Jewelry Box Review?

If you’re not sure if there are any treasures hiding in your jewelry box, we encourage you to stop by. You may be surprised by how much you’ll receive selling your collection to The Jewelry Box Estate Buyers.

Still don’t know if our Jewelry Box Review service is for you?

Visit us if you answer “yes” to any of the following statements:

  • You’ve inherited a collection that you won’t wear/use
  • Your jewelry or watch style has changed
  • You’re downsizing or embracing minimalism
  • You’re just curious what your collection is worth

What if I Choose to Keep My Jewelry?

There’s absolutely no pressure to sell your collection to us if you change your mind after the appraisal. But please know that you’ll still be responsible for the entire appraisal fee.

Rediscover an old favorite during our review that could use some TLC? Our experts can repair or polish them so you can proudly wear them again.  It’s our pleasure to make old jewelry, watches, and flatware look new once again

Ready to Review?

Ready to finally appraise, and possibly sell, that collection of valuables you’ve been holding onto?

Stop in any time between 9:30am – 4:00pm, Tuesday – Saturday.
Still have questions? Give us a call at (949) 855-9778 and we’d be happy to help!